Labor law and social security

  • Preparing employment contracts and specific clauses (non-competition, confidentiality, contractual termination indemnity, mobility…)
  • Remuneration and incentives policies (commissions, profit-sharing, stock-options, RSU…)
  • International mobility of employees
  • Working time (individual and collective)
  • Termination of employment relation, including amicable termination
  • Negotiation of collective agreements and definition of applicable collective agreements
  • Employees’ representation
  • Review and implementation of internal rules and procedures
  • Business labor law (agreements on provision of services, transfers of businesses, agreements concluded within a group)
  • Assistance on companies incorporation and M&A (holding the dual position of employee and corporate officer, social protection of corporate officers, due diligence for acquisitions or sales, outsourcing and transfer of assets)
  • Restructuring operations, including mass redundancies involving a program to safeguard employment, a method or GPEC agreement
  • Labor litigation (before Labor Courts, Civil Courts, Social Security Courts, Appeal Courts)